Welcome to AppState in DC!

Appalachian State University is providing students, like you, the opportunity to live and work in Washington D.C. while participating in an internship with a global learning focus from May 29th - August 13th.  As a University Community, we are committed to introducing students to different cultures and teaching them how to live and interact in a global society.  The AppState in DC International Experience is an affordable and accessible avenue to have a global learning opportunity without leaving the country.

AppState in DC is one avenue for Appalachian students to gain professional experience and have an opportunity of a lifetime in Washington DC while shaping their role as active members of our global, interconnected world.  Participants will be able to start networking and making connections with people and organizations that operate on a much broader scale than their own backyards.  Whether you are an art major, a public relations practitioner, or a future accounting executive, this program is prepared to help you explore your professional opportunities in one of the most exciting and diverse cities in our country.

In addition to completing an internship of your choice, AppState in DC students will hear from speakers, attend seminars, and perform service projects that will focus on helping them gain new, worldly perspectives.  You don’t have to leave the country to think and act globally; join AppState in DC and lets kick-start your journey toward global citizenship.

Global Learning Outcomes of the AppState in DC International Experience

Goal 1: Develop globally competent knowledge

Learning Outcomes:

1.  Explain the historical, political, scientific, cultural and/or socio-economic interconnections between the United States and the rest of the world

2. Describe some of the contested assumptions and intellectual debates across the globe that are relevant to their major

3.  Analyze the dynamics of global transactions as applied to a problem important to their field

Goal 2: Cultivate intercultural competencies

Learning Outcomes:

1.  Apply knowledge of other cultures and countries

2.  Analyze a single issue from multiple perspectives

Goal 3: Foster globally competent citizenship

Learning Outcomes:

1.  Demonstrate a sense of global interconnections and interdependencies

2.  Identify obligations to people situated both inside and outside their own national borders

3.  Describe a social problem requiring collective remedies that transcend national borders

4.  Identify some of the ethical and moral questions that underlie a given transaction between countries


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For questions regarding the AppState in DC Internship Program please contact:

Sharon Jensen
Phone: (828)262-2832
Email: jensensc@appstate.edu