AppState in DC Application

Application Seasons for Priority Consideration

  • Apply by April 1st for priority consideration.

Step 1: See Your Academic Advisor

If You Will Be Enrolled While In DC Meet with your academic advisor to ensure you are eligible to do your internship for academic credit. Discuss internship options of interest and how those experiences can meet the requirements of your program of study.

Step 2: Seek Application Assistance

All applicants are strongly encouraged to meet with Sharon Jensen as they prepare their internship and/or AppState in DC application materials. Contact Sharon via e-mail,, to arrange an appointment.

Step 3: Complete and Submit the Application (.PDF)

Step 4: Submit a Cover Letter

Preparing students to lead purposeful lives as engaged global citizens is core to Appalachian State University's mission.

Cover Letter

Format the cover letter in business letter style. Let the committee know how an internship or job in DC fits into your overall career plan and how it will help you achieve the University’s Global Learning Outcomes that have been identified. Engage the Selection Committee in how you exemplify the type of student we want to send to DC to represent our campus. If you have already begun to apply or have internship sites in mind, mention these in your letter.  We appreciate an explanation for any weaknesses, such as previous conduct or behavior concerns, in your candidacy. For example, share what you have learned about yourself from experiences such as a less than stellar grade or minor blemish on your Student Conduct Review, if applicable.

Explain how your internship experience will prepare you to be an engaged global citizen. 

Reference the global learning outcomes listed below and identify the outcomes you expect to attain through your internship. You do not need to address all goals, just the one(s) that fit best with your proposed internship.

If not already identified, please share your career plans and how an internship in DC will assist you in achieving your goals.

Please address your letter, Dear AppState in DC Selection Committee.

Goals an Outcomes

Goal 1: Develop globally competent knowledge

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explain the historical, political, scientific, cultural and/or sociol economic interconnections between the United States and the rest of the world
  2. Describe some of the contested assumptions and intellectual debates across the globe that are relevant to their major
  3. Analyze the dynamics of global transactions as applied to a problem important to their field

Goal 2: Cultivate intercultural competencies

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply knowledge of other cultures and countries
  2. Analyze a single issue from multiple perspectives

Goal 3: Foster globally competent citizenship

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a sense of global interconnections and interdependencies
  2. Identify obligations to people situated both inside and outside their own national borders
  3. Describe a social problem requiring collective remedies that transcend national borders
  4. Identify some of the ethical and moral questions that underlie a given transaction between countries

Step 5: Submit a Resume and List of References

Include a list of three references who can speak to your level of responsibility and maturity. References can be faculty, past employers or supervisors of your volunteer experiences. Please do not list friends or family unless you have worked or studied with them directly. The list of references may be included on your resume if you have room or listed on a separate page.

Step 6: Submit a Student Conduct Review

Release Form All applicants will be subject to a student conduct review. Applicants need to complete and sign the following student conduct release form(.docx) and deliver the forms in hard copy to Sharon Jensen in the Career Development Center, Room 369, John E. Thomas Building.

Step 7: Submit Application Materials

By The Seasonal Deadlines Above To: Ms. Sharon Jensen, Internship Resource Counselor & Patrick Sullivan Email your 1. Application, 2. Cover Letter, 3. Resume, & 4. Student Release Form in a single email to: &

Step 8: Interview

You will be contacted for an interview.

Step 9: Selection

You will be notified via e-mail of your status as accepted, not accepted, or wait listed.

Contact Us

Career Development Center, John Thomas Hall
287 River Street
Boone, NC 28608

Phone: (828) 262-2180

For questions regarding the AppState in DC Internship Program please contact:

Sharon Jensen
Phone: (828)262-2832