Application Steps to DC Internships

Application deadlines vary greatly to DC sites. Pay close attention to requirements, deadlines, and application materials requested.

Step 1: See Your Academic Advisor

Discuss internship options and how the experiences can meet the requirements of your program of study for your major or minor. Explore the optimal time for you to be away from campus to do your internship, Summer, Spring, or Fall, plus other considerations. Use the Brad Traverse job and internship list which can be accessed via your CareerGear account.

Step 2: Seek Application Assistance

Applicants to DC internships are strongly encouraged to meet with Sharon Jensen as they prepare their application materials. Contact Sharon via e-mail,, to arrange an appointment. Use resources available at the Career Development Center to compose solid drafts of your resume and cover letter(s).

Step 3: Seek Housing Options Early

Student housing in DC fills up quickly so secure your deposit as early as you are able.

Step 4: Consult The Office of Student Financial Aid

Prepare a list of estimated costs to provide to your Financial Aid Counselor.

Step 5: Stay In Touch With Your Academic Department

Ensure your advisor/internship coordinator knows of your progress. Be sure you know which sites will meet with their approval for academic credit. Follow their lead on completing the necessary steps once your internship is confirmed.

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For questions regarding the AppState in DC Experience please contact:

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